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Summer 2023 U of U Lifelong Learning: Beginning Quilting, Modern Baby Qullt


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Summer 2022 U of U Lifelong Learning: Beginning Quilting: Make a Patchwork Pillow Cover

Fall 2019 In-home Beginning Quilting Class

Tracey Harty of Creekside Quilt Studio approached me regarding attending a quilting class. Having not touched a sewing machine for over 30 years had me initially second-guessing taking the class. I took a step out of my comfort zone, registered for the class and absolutely loved it. Tracey is very knowledgeable with various types of sewing machines, their accessories and all the things that come along with modern-day quilting. I looked forward to my class each week, as her hands-on teaching style was outstanding. I learned a skill I believe I will love forever and have now made 4 quilts on my own.  From fabric selection to necessary items to complete our quilts, Tracey was with us every step of the way.  Thank you, Tracey!—Tabitha F.

As an intermediate-level sewist, I had dabbled in some basic blanket making but shyed away from pieced quilts, assuming it was beyond my skill and patience. When I took a class from Creekside Quilt Studio, I not only learned the ins and outs of quilting from step one to finished product, but I also upped my sewing skills on all other projects. With personalized lessons, helpful tips and a friendly environment, Tracey fostered a new sewing love for me and inspired confidence in taking on projects which once seemed out of reach. —Deb M.

My experience taking a quilting class from Tracey Harty was nothing short of wonderful. I completed my very first quilt on a brand new machine with Tracey’s guidance. She is an excellent instructor, extremely knowledgeable on all things quilting; skillful, creative and patient. I would highly recommend taking a class from her again.—Lisette G.